Philip Goldman – 9th international forum 'Every child deserves a family'

Philip Goldman

Philip is Founder and President of Maestral International, a major global provider of technical assistance supporting the development, strengthening and effectiveness of child welfare and protection systems around the world. Maestral focuses on policy and institutional reforms that maximize the ability of children to reach their full potential, contributing to long term and intergenerational poverty reduction, economic growth, and social cohesion. Philip founded Maestral after a successful tenure at the World Bank developing, negotiating and supervise numerous programs in the human development sector (health, education and social protection), primarily in the former Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. Maestral subsequently has worked in over 60 countries for a wide array of clients including U.N. agencies, USAID, the World Bank, EU programs, global and domestic NGOs, and private foundations. In 2017, Maestral was one of four finalists (along with partners Catholic Relief Services and Lumos) for a MacArthur Foundation $100 million grant to solve a significant problem of our time, ultimately receiving $15 million to address the global institutionalization of children that has now been leveraged by USAID and other partners. Philip has testified before the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee on U.S. programming for children in adversity, and he was a member of the Publications Committee for the U.S. Evidence Summit on Children Outside of Family Care. Philip has extensive current and past board and philanthropic experience, including Mayo Clinic’s Leadership Council, , the Advisory Council of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, the Global Alliance for Children, the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas, the Better Way Foundation, Court Appointed Special Advocates (D.C.), the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, Jesuit Relief Services’ International Development Group, Progress Valley, the Sieben Foundation and the University of St. Thomas International Leadership Institute.