Jo Smyth – 9th international forum 'Every child deserves a family'

Jo Smyth

Jo Smyth is a qualified Special Educational Needs teacher with over 35 years experience working with young children and their families.

She is an experienced child psychologist specialising in autism spectrum disorders and is an accredited sleep practitioner.

From 2001 – 2018 Jo was the Director of the National Autistic Society EarlyBird centre with responsibility for developing and delivering the NAS EarlyBird suite of parent support programmes.

Jo has trained autism experienced professionals from across the globe, including Australia, Brunei, Denmark, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Qatar, Russia and South Africa to deliver EarlyBird programmes under license to the NAS.

Jo has represented the NAS on advisory groups with Cambridge University: Early Detection of Autism and Dogs for the Disabled: PAWS research project.

Since 2016 Jo has been working as a freelance trainer for The Children’s Sleep Charity, training both parents and practitioners to ensure that children get a good night’s sleep….. and so do their parents!